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InVision Advisors celebrates 10 years of developing in Tampa Bay

Aug 25, 2022


Jonathan Moore, owner of InVision Advisors, celebrates ten years of his company's success.

LUTZ — When you love what you do, time certainly flies. It seemed like in the blink of an eye 10 years already passed and now InVision Advisors is already celebrating a milestone anniversary.

The small business acts as owner’s representatives, project managers, and handles bank inspections and reviews. In the past decade, InVision Advisors has overseen small and large projects around Tampa Bay, including the St. Pete Pier, The Straz, Tampa Theatre, Imagine Clearwater, and more.

“I think I’m most proud that the contractors and architects that we manage are now recommending us on future projects because they’re run so efficiently,” said Jonathan Moore, founder of InVision Advisors.

“I didn’t do those projects by myself,” he continued. “It’s the people that we managed and the attitudes that we managed to get these projects done. We come in and the owner says, InVision’s in charge, and we try to create a collaborative process to get projects built, making sure that the architect is succeeding, and the contractor is succeeding. If everyone succeeds, our owner succeeds.”

Having practiced as an architect for 20 years, Moore thought it was time to dive into something new of his own making. While he still enjoys architecture, Moore found a new passion for teaching owners about the process of how to develop projects. Whether it’s figuring out how to waterproof a building or how to get $5 million out of a budget, Moore said he loves getting into the details.

In the past 10 years with InVision Advisors, one of life’s biggest lessons for Moore has been learning that everyone is different and everyone has their own unique needs and processes. He added that being able to manage a multitude of attitudes and conditions to get to a common goal takes amazing patience.

“You can’t ever be shocked by anything,” Moore said. “You have to ride the wave and know that we can get through any problem if we all come together and talk through it.”

Having grown up in North Tampa and staying in Lutz to raise a family, Moore has become protective of his community. His position as an owner’s representative is unique because it gives him the opportunity to not only have a front row seat for upcoming developments, but he also gets to be in the driver’s seat controlling these projects and making sure they succeed.

“I’ve had several opportunities to move out of the area for education, for work, bigger projects, and I always chose to stay here just because it’s such a great place to live and to raise a family,” he said. “My Lutz community is the nicest community I’ve ever lived in, and my Publix is the best Publix there is. I see all familiar faces and I want to protect that and make it a better community.”

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