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Drones lend high-tech eyes in home inspections

Apr 5, 2021

Fox 13 News Staff

A local architect is among those using drones to inspect new buildings. He says it's much more efficient -- and more fun.

"TAMPA, Fla. - Jonathan Moore is getting a bird's-eye view of a home under construction thanks to a drone.

"We come on-site, we monitor the quality, we look at the progress. I want to check and see if the concrete and reinforcing is correct in there. There's no way for me to get up there so the drone is going to help us do that," Moore explained.

He is the president of InVision Advisors, a company that manages design and construction projects. He's a registered architect who has been in construction for 25 years. He says the drone has added a whole new level to his industry.

"The resolution of some of these cameras allows us not only to get close to it with the drone but actually get high-resolution photos to see any issues with welds, cracks, reinforcing," Moore said.

He said they can evaluate the footage while they're on the property, and direct contractors to either stop or do things differently. There's an advantage to this kind of inspection for homeowners too, he added.

"Ten years ago, you would have an inspector come out with ladders and spend all day climbing all over your house. Now a good drone operator can video or photo your whole house in a matter of an hour or two," Moore explained. "Also flying up close allows us to find cracks in walls or roof tiles that may indicate settlement that could be dangerous or cause a water leak in the future."

It's also added some extra joy to his job.

"I like bringing the aspect of construction and bringing the tech nerd, the hobby of flying into my business and being able to help owners and contractors with their construction sites is just fun," he added."

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