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Problem Solving & Customer Focused – InVision Advisors celebrates a big Anniversary.

Jul 11, 2022

Maureen Famiano

Problem Solving & Customer Focused – InVision Advisors celebrates a big Anniversary.

The Construction Process/Design Consultants led by President Jonathan Moore is celebrating its 10 year Anniversary. This Owner’s Representative Firm has worked on more than 1,000 projects in excess of $1 billion in development. That indeed is something to recognize.

Now’s a time, coming out of the pandemic, when many businesses lost footing and perhaps lost their way. To the contrary, InVision Advisors (IVA) worked to find solutions during the Covid-19 crisis and rose to the ranks as a ‘go to’ company to help in the building/architecture lane of construction consultants. Supply chain issues were definitely a challenge but they worked to find workarounds every week. There are options for solving issues, they looked for them, found them and offered them up to keep projects moving along.

Moore reflects, “Ten years, wow. It goes by fast, but it’s been a long road. Many of the things that started day-one have become the backbone of our business today. Accounting, project tracking, and data systems were all set up properly before our first project. Investing in correct processes always pays off.” His interest began as an architect. He enjoyed the creative process, but as years went by he saw the need to expand his services to offer more than concept, drawing & the build out. That’s how IVA was born.

Consider this when thinking of InVison Advisors.


Navigates tough jobs



Solution oriented




As Owner’s Representatives, The IVA team offers insight that helps a project stay on course, on time and on budget. They work to manage the design and construction process for owners who don’t have the time, knowledge or interest (or all three) to do so. That’s no small feat. There is a lot that goes into a building project and they are all different. The 9 member InVision Advisors team, made up of more than 200 years of combined expertise, makes this group experienced on all levels of the construction process. Chances are they’ve seen it before and can rely on those situations to guide owners for the best project outcome. Moore says that experience can lead to good project management now and that can prevent years, if not decades, of heartache and frustration.

“95% of project problems happen because of lack of communication. We fix that. We learned a long time ago to listen more than we talk. Collaborative builds require teamwork, no one is more important than another,” say Moore. The team’s projects include Tampa Theatre, The Straz, St. Petersburg Pier, Ford’s Garage, the Bryan Glazer Family JCC , Florida Polytechnic & Imagine Clearwater. There are many more.

One of the company’s great joys is working with nonprofits. He’s sat on the Habitat for Humanity Board, been a past president of the Rotary Club of Tampa and is President-elect 2023 for the AIA, American Institute of Architects in the Tampa Bay Area.

Tampa Bay is experiencing a huge business boom. Many companies are setting their sights on Tampa Bay for expansion and to set up shop. IVA is ready to greet them with a ‘can do’ spirit to help them get footing in this top choice marketplace. They are also looking at expansion to other markets and locations in the near future.

As InVision Advisors celebrates 10 years of growth and success, the team is excited about their new digs in South Tampa. An open house is being finalized for next month.

Jonathan Moore can be reached at (813) 784-3146 or by email at To learn more about his firm, check out

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