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InVision Advisors celebrates its 9 year Anniversary!

Aug 11, 2021

Maureen Famiano

Tampa Bay is welcoming new residents daily and that means lots of building.

"One company reaping those rewards is InVision Advisors. The company is celebrating its 9 years anniversary. Jonathan Moore is the company President. As an Owner’s Representative, it oversees all building aspects in both commercial and residential plus handles all the intricacies of permits, banking, schedules, subcontractors, extensions & completion. Moore’s team works with the project’s owners, investor’s architects and contractors. They want to sweat the small details so the building’s owner does not have to. It’s a very unique offering that more and more development companies are signing up for. Once companies understand the value of what his company offers, they return with their next project time and time again.

InVision Advisors President Jonathan Moore started out as an architect and he loved all aspects of that part of the business from concept to drawing to the build out. He then saw the need to offer more in the overall construction and building process and InVision Advisors was born.

Moore says, “there is nothing like the feeling of getting that first check for services, being able to pay your expenses and then eventually hiring people that depend on you for their livelihood. That’s probably something I take the most seriously, that something I created is good enough for another (or multiple) people to trust me and my decisions to make a living.“

Moore says he also looks back on his 9 years with his company and sees the growing pains – working 80-100 hours per week, sometimes losing out on competition and trying to learn from losses. Moore continues, “Entrepreneurship is not for the weak and stress comes with the job description. Despite the stresses, the rewards are great….making my own decisions about directions, setting goals and moving the firm to meet them. You really do “re-invent the wheel” when starting a business from scratch.”

Tampa Bay’s building boom means InVision Advisors is in the thick of a variety of project options, proposals and consults every day. Even during Covid-19, his company kept busy as the construction demands and growth continued. It kept his team busy meeting the demands of hundreds of projects in Tampa Bay and beyond. His 7 member team is always busy connecting the dots and providing seamless oversight juggling dozens of local projects at a time.

Moore reflects saying InVision Advisors’ work runs the gamut. Multi-Million dollar performance center upgrades, Theater changes, million dollar mansion expansions plus office space renovation, construction and more. Local projects have included the St. Pete Pier, Lutz Prep, Ford’s Garage, Bryan Glazer Family JCC, Tampa Theatre, Florida Polytechnic and soon – the Clearwater Imagine Project.

The team keeps adding to the services they offer. Jonathan Moore has his certification to operate a drone and he uses it for many inspections which speeds up the process of getting to rooftops and upper floor inspections. He also has his certification for emergency inspections after disasters. The certification came from California and is just one more way Moore is always trying to add to his specialties.

InVision Advisors oversees, formulates & guides the construction process. The reaction from owners is very complimentary saying the InVision Advisors team handled it all every step of the way. These are the successes of the first 9 years. Look out, the big 10 year anniversary is next and there is no stopping Moore from even greater success stories."

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